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Time To Travel



Time To Travel

We conduct training programs for Hujjaj at different places from time to time under the supervision of renowned religious scholars. Group introduction and orientation sessions are also arranged. We guide Hujjaj step-by-step during performing Hajj.

Easy & Convenient
Performing Hajj is easy as 1 2 3 and goes with Travel Al-Hadi we take all responsibilities of your paperwork so you can focus on you Hajj

VIP 4 and 5-star Packages
We Provide VIP 4 and 5-star Package Including Transport, Food, Hotel and all traveling Expenses

Travel Al-Hadi provides the following services and items to Hujjaj:

Ehram for Hujjaj/Abaya for ladies
Travelling Bag
Tawaf Tasbeeh
Guidebook of Hajj & Umrah
Hotel Cards and Necessary Vaccinations for all Hujjaj
The arrangement of performing Qurbani
Reception meal will be served to group at Mallam’s office
The baggage of all Hujjaj will be delivered to their hotels
Completion of papers in Saudi Arabia and issuance of visa on the passport from Saudi Embassy

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